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Welcome to the online home
of Marcus and Andrea Tantillo

Marcus works in the cell phone department of a local Sam's Club. Before taking on this role, he worked as the police reporter at a daily newspaper in the Houston area. While his preferred topics of reporting included law enforcement and government, he was equally at home developing human interest stories and sports reports.

Prior to making the move to this daily paper, he worked in various capacities, including photographer, at bi-weekly newspapers in Texas and a daily newspaper in Arkansas.

More information about Marcus, including writing samples and some favorite hobbies are available online.

Andrea works as a communications specialst for the Community and Enviromental Planning Department of an area Council of Governments in Texas. Prior to taking on this role, she held various positions, from reporter to management, at daily and weekly newspapers in Arkansas and Texas, as well as leadership positions in marketing and public relations at a community college, a non-profit breast cancer organization, and a home builder..

More information about Andrea, including writing and graphic design samples, are available online.

When they aren't at work, they enjoy lots of activites, including geocaching, birdwatching, running around and wasting gas, jumping up and down and flying around the ceiling fan (but don't tell the cat - she thinks she's the only one who can do that!)

Take a look around the site. We hope you enjoy it.

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