Area city manager on the move

Ricky Jorgensen leaves Sour Lake post for opening in Silsbee

(From the Hardin County News - Wednesday, February 28, 2001)

SILSBEE - After two nights of special meetings in Executive Hearings this past week, the Silsbee City Council has worked out a contract to hire Sour Lake City Manager Ricky Jorgensen as their new city manager.

The opening came available after the resignation of Bill Lewis in September.
Jorgensen signed a contract with the City of Silsbee on Feb. 21, which entitles him to $65,000 in wages, $2,000 for moving expenses and $400 a month in Automobile expenses for the use of his own vehicle.

He will begin working for Silsbee on March 7 and is looking for a home inside the city limits of Silsbee. The City has also agreed to pay $25 a day for up to 45 days for Jorgensen to commute from his residence in Sour Lake to Silsbee until he can find a new home.

Silsbee Mayor Dean Robinson said the council is looking forward to working with Jorgensen, who he describes as a great communicator.

"Jorgensen is easy to talk to and he is a good listener," Robinson said. "He has done well in Sour Lake and we believe that he can help Silsbee begin to move forward also."

Jorgensen's experience in preparing budgets, is also an attribute the City felt made him
the best candidate for the job.

Jorgensen said he is really looking forward to becoming Silsbee 's newest city manager.

"I am very excited. There are a lot of challenges, but I am looking forward to becoming part of the team," he said.

The first change Jorgensen intends to make is calling a mandatory meeting every Monday
among department heads and other personnel to discuss plans and problems that arise each week.

"I want all city workers to be part of the team working for the same goal to bring the City forward. I feel that anyone who is not working for the team is cheating the City, which requires discipline and possible termination," Jorgensen said. "City workers are
being paid by the citizens and they should perform their duties in a professional and courteous manner."
Jorgensen said he will have an open door policy for both resident and city employees to voice their problems.

Reflecting on his city manager's position in Sour Lake. Jorgensen said, "The Sour Lake City Council and Mayor have been very good to me and I will make myself available to aid them in the selection, hiring and training of a new city manager if they need assistance," Jorgensen said. "Two weeks is not enough time to find another city manager. I would like to see Sour Lake continue to move forward and see on-going projects continue after I leave."

In addition to serving as city manager in Sour Lake for two years, Jorgensen also worked for Brownwood as a financial director and was recommended by Commissioner Ken Pelt to be on the re-districting committee for Hardin County.


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