Bird watching

One of the many outdoor activities we enjoy is birdwatching. Sure, I hear you wondering what could be so fun about watching birds? Well, half the team (the girl half) asked the same questions at first. Then, we had the good fortune of attracting some birds to our backyard. I didn't have to stand by the kitchen window very long and watch the color fly in and out before I was hooked. Below are a few of the birds we got to meet in our own backyard. Take a look at our lifelist here.
We enjoyed our fine feathered friends for a couple of seasons, and then we moved from the house with a yard to an apartment without one. So, we had to go out and about to find birds to watch and enjoy. Take a look at our lifelist here. Below are just a few.
Sure, the one to the left isn't a bird, but it's a picture of half the team trying to get a spot on a bird (it was a rail, but we never got a good picture of it that day). - Copyright 2007