The official Web site describes "geocaching" as the Sport Where YOU Are The Search Engine! Basically, members hide a "treasure" out and about in the city, in the woods, sometimes in their own yards. They then post the coordinates to the treasure, or "cache" on the Web site. Sometimes the coordinates lead directly to the cache site, other times they are just a piece to a puzzle that leads to the cache site. Once the cache is hidden, other members log on, download the coordinates into their GPSr and go off in search of the treasure.

We began our geocaching adventure in October 2006. During our first year, we have enjoyed many memorable finds and met some great people along the way.

This activity has given us hours of fun, spending time together, along with some good-natured competition to see who can find the cache first!

Here we are enjoying one
of our first finds.

Take a look at some of our stats here or more picures from our advenures below.
Sure, there's lots of things we would never have seen had it not been for geocaching. Here's just one example. This oversized work of art is just off a busy interchange in Houston. There's a cache nearby - Houston's Jurassic Park.
Yikes! Can you imagine if that was a REAL spider?! No, that wouldn't be fun at all. Many cache logs feature tales of fighting the eight-legged muggles for the cache. If this were one of them, I think I'd let it have the cache.
The U.S. Postal Service celebrated Star Wars this year by introducing a number of space-themed stamps and these fun little guys. Free-standing mailboxes across the country were "wrapped" to look like R2-D2. There were a few in Houston. This particular one has a cache associated with it-- This IS the droid you're looking for!
It's always fun to go caching, and what a treat is is to win a prize in the process. As part of the Kicken In Alvin event, we were the first to find and log all the caches on the planned scavenger hunt. As a reward, we received this Garmin GPSr. Thanks to the Boonies Crew for the awesome event.
Of course we don't mind looking in the woods for a cache or two (or three, or four...)
Where can the cache be? (move cursor over image to see the cache)
More things we wouldn't have seen if not for geocaching... - Copyright 2007