Birdwatching - At Home and On The Road

Looking for birds and trying to identify them, taking pictures and shooting video, just enjoying being outside is one of our favorite activities

One of the many outdoor activities we enjoy is birdwatching. Sure, I hear you wondering what could be so fun about watching birds? Well, half the team (the girl half) asked the same questions at first. Then, we had the good fortune of attracting some birds to our backyard. I didn't have to stand by the kitchen window very long and watch the color fly in and out before I was hooked.

We enjoyed our fine feathered friends for a couple of seasons, and then we moved from the house with a yard to an apartment without one. So, we had to go out and about to find birds to watch and enjoy.

We've since moved to another house with a yard. We still enjoy going out and about to find birds, but we can also enjoy some right from the front window.

Check out some of our photos below.

Bald Eagles In a Nest

Bald Eagles

belted king fisher on a branch

Belted King Fisher

Youg american bittern in water

American Bittern

two black-necked stilts on the shoreline

Black-necked Stilts

two blue winged teal in the water - one has his foot up and the other is swimming

Blue-winged Teal

Cedar waxwing on a branch

Cedar Waxwing

cormorants on a bridge


two Crested Caracara in a tree

Created Caracaras

Downy woodpecker branch

Downy Woodpecker

owl in front of grass on the ground

great blue herons taking flight from some grass

Great Blue Herons

meadowlark in a field