Eli the Cat

Sweetest kitty in the entire world. Instagram hit!

We adopted Eli from Bayou Animal Services in September 2016. It was love at first sight--sort of--he was scared in sneezed right in my face.

He had some big shoes to fill. Our first cat, JonGlynne had gone over the rainbow bridge just three weeks earlier at the almost 19 years old.

Eventually, Eli stopped being so scared and sneezing on people. Here's a few photos, but you'll find many, many more on Instagram!

cat wearing a hello kitty bow tie

Eli wearing a Hello Kitty bow tie. This was our Christmas card picture in 2018.

cat toy and cat

Eli looking extra cute on his Ripple Rug by his tunnel.

man on couch looking at cat on back of couch

Eli and Marcus

cat on his hind legs

Eli demonostrating "up" for a treat. (Treat not pictured.)

cat in a box that looks like a television

There's always something good on E-TV

woman holding cat

Eli and Andrea on his first day home.