More About Marcus

Exploring the great outdoors and indoors too sometimes.

Most of my favorite activites take place outdoors. From bird watchng, to photography to gardening, to running, some of the best times can be had in the great outdoors.

Andrea and I first began bird watching when we set up a bluebird house and a feeder in our back yard. It wasn't long before we were off and planning trips around bird watching.

We've seen many species. Take a look at our birdwatching page.

Birdwatching isn't the only fun and productive outdoor activity I like. Photography just goes hand-in-hand with birdwatching. Gardening is fun and relaxing, and we have flowers or food at the end, and running is one of the cheapest, easiest ways to wind down and stay in shape.

Yellow Rumped Warbler

I also enjoy making things and tinkering around the house. I like wood work, but recently I started designing things to print on our 3D printer. Using TinkerCad, I've been able to design and print some cool things. Check out our 3D printing page to see some of our projects.